Baby Bouquets

Baby Bouquets are individually created from baby clothing, washers, bibs, socks, nappies, wraps and toys. No two are the same! They are the perfect gift for new parents as mum and dad receive a gorgeous Bouquet that does not need watering and that can be unwrapped and used for weeks/months after being received.

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  • Image of Giggles Bouquet for a Boy

    Giggles Baby Bouquet

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  • Image of Summer Baby Gift Bouquet for baby Girl

    Summer Baby

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  • Image of Lil Monster Baby Gift Bouquet - bright, fun colours

    Li’l Monster

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  • Picture of Cute As A Button Bouquet for a Boy

    Cute as a Button

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  • Picture of Cute N Cuddly Baby Gift Bouquet in Pink

    Cute N Cuddly

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  • Image of Little Angels Baby Gift Bouquet for a boy

    Little Angels

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  • Image of Bright as a Button Bouquet for Girl - Red Flower Pattern

    Bright as a Button

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  • Image of Hungry Caterpillar Gift Bouquet for baby girl

    Hungry Caterpillar

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  • Image of Hugs and Wishes Baby Gift Bouquet for a boy

    Hugs and Wishes

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Showing all 9 results